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How Do You Fix a House in Vineyards with Water Damage from Flooding?

5/9/2020 (Permalink)

interior of the house flooded with water SERVPRO brings years of experience and advanced professional equipment to clean up flood damage in local properties.

SERVPRO is available 24/7 to assist local Vineyards homeowners with the cleanup from water loss

When localized flooding affects a property, it is vital to act quickly to remove items from the area and also bring in professional help to mitigate the situation. There will often be the need to remove the structural elements and contents affected by floodwater.

How Do I Know If Sheetrock Received Effects From Flood Damage?
When handling flood damage cleanup in Vineyards homes, the technicians pay special attention to the structural elements of the home. Sheetrock is highly absorbent. It pulls readily pulls moisture throughout its core, and once the water is inside, the degeneration of the materials occurs rapidly. There are several early warning signs from sheetrock if it wicks moisture. Calling cards of water damage are:
    •    Visible spots or staining
    •    Buckling or warping
    •    Deterioration or sagging

Another common issue after a water loss in the home involving sheetrock concerns mold growth. The spores can germinate within 24 to 48 hours, and unless actions get taken to halt the progress, the colonies can infest the structure and contents rapidly. SERVPRO technicians have extensive training regarding mold remediation, including the early warning signs and conditions that are favorable for growth.  So, they can get the jump on mold damage before it can start.

Choosing a professional restoration services company is vital for the best outcome after a flood loss in a home. Safety after any type of loss is crucial, but floodwater brings in particular concerns. Elements such as dirt, debris, chemicals, bacteria, and sewage can all be present in the home. SERVPRO technicians have the equipment to handle the water safely and test it to determine any harmful elements that are present. Additionally, the techs inspect the structure and make sure to address issues such as sagging ceilings or saturated insulation within a wall.

Common Losses When Flood Loss Happens in a Home
The timetable for cleaning up water in a home after flooding occurs is often proportional to the amount of loss incurred. The faster the water removal and drying process begins can work to lessen the loss to both the structure and contents. These items usually require disposal after contact with floodwater:
    •    Porous items
    •    Saturated carpet and padding
    •    Upholstered furniture
    •    Composite wood flooring

The type of water in the home is another factor that determines whether or not an item is non-restorable. For example, fiberglass insulation affected by rainwater from a storm, and a leaking roof can get removed, dried, and cleaned for reinstallation. Flash flooding arrives in the home as a category three biohazard and insulation that absorbs this water requires disposal.

Items that have the best outcome for cleaning are objects that are non-absorbant and can handle cleaning methods such as immersion cleaning. This application allows for an article to get thoroughly disinfected and sanitary for reuse in the home.

The Reason Household Fans Cannot Dry a Home with Flood Loss
To save money, some homeowners choose to use household fans to dry their homes after a water loss. This can work against them in numerous ways. First, if the water did not get professionally extracted, seepage most likely occurred into the subfloor, and second, the strongest household fans do not have the power to dry more than surface areas. This can set a home up for costly additional damages due to mold infections, dangerous deterioration of flooring, and foul odors.

SERVPRO techs arrive on the scene with several air movers and dehumidifiers to reduce that interior air moisture levels rapidly. They also use their detection equipment to locate all areas within the structure that require water extraction and drying.

Actions Needed to Restore a Home After Flood Damage
Flood cuts, where the sheetrock gets removed from the floor upward several inches, is a common sight during this type of loss restoration. Rather than installing entirely new panels of sheetrock, all that is needed is to fit in the cut-away portion, making repairs fast and easy. After sealing over the seam between the new and old sheetrock with joint compound and sanding, there will be no sign of the wall had a run-in with floodwater after it gets primed and painted.

If tile or carpeting got removed, SERVPRO techs help homeowners in connecting with local professionals or utilizing the building services division to choose the aesthetics to return the home to normal.

SERVPRO of East Naples at (239) 352-8300 brings years of experience and advanced professional equipment to clean up flood damage in local properties. Call now and the help you need to return your home to its preloss condition.

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