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What Should I Do When My Water Heater Ruptures?

6/4/2020 (Permalink)

Art: Man working on a water heater SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle all types of water damage.

Water damage is a routine callout for our restoration team, and we can help with fast mitigation solutions to reduce out-of-pocket expenses. 

Because you cannot adequately prepare for an emergency that threatens your Quail Creek home, water losses can cause substantial damage while you determine the best solution. Planning for most property owners means understanding whom to call when disasters like water heater ruptures occur. These circumstances can leave homeowners contending with a substantial volume of water and a short window to address these concerns before irreparable damage occurs.  

There might be hundreds of causes for water damage in Quail Creek homes, but the solution and response to these emergencies can be similar from one situation to the next. Our professionals can roll out from our facility with extractors, drying tools, and cleaning implements to work quickly on mitigating losses and saving you out-of-pocket expenses whenever possible. In situations like water heater ruptures, a house can quickly become overwhelmed with standing water. 

How Can Water Heaters Malfunction? 

With the exception of those with tankless water heaters, many homes feature a stationary tank designed to keep hot water available at all times for use in the house. Many homeowners do not realize that these tanks often only have an average lifespan of 7-10 years. With situations like scaling and buildup that can happen from mineral deposits and other substances in the water, the life of this tank can be shortened even more. Even still, the most common causes of water heater rupturing include: 

  • Pressure Changes - From water breaks on the main water line to hydrant uses and backpressure, changes in how pressurized the water remains in your service lines can affect your water heater tank and its distribution outlets.
  • Air HammersOne of the greatest concerns for homeowners’ plumbing systems is a phenomenon known as an air hammer. This situation is where a pocket of air exists in the line that gets forced through the service. Hammers can test the limitations of your water heater tank and your aging plumbing network.
  • Age - The greatest battle that plumbing implements can face in your home is their own age.Over time, tanks and their fixtures weaken and become more susceptible to ruptures or breaks. 

What Damage Can a Full Water Heater Do? 

Not every ruptured water heater tank is the same. Because water heaters do not break in the same places for every model, certain homeowners might experience the loss of the full volume of a single tank, while other homeowners might have to sever their service line flow temporarily due to a break on the supply side of the tank. Regardless of the severity of the situation, the same similar practices are necessary to begin restoring the property after the disaster. Our SERVPRO professionals can work quickly to deploy extraction equipment and drying tools and protect any contents from irreparable damage. As you might expect, certain threats are more prominent than others, and these include: 

  • Standing Water 
  • Migrating Effects 
  • Saturation 

How Can SERVPRO Clean Up the Mess? 

Professional restoration technicians like our team can work to gain control of your flooded utility room as quickly as possible. Even with only contending with the full volume of a water heater tank, migration of water loss effects can still be a substantial concern. As soon as our technicians arrive, we begin vital mitigation efforts. They can ultimately reduce loss and work to keep out of pocket expenses to a minimum. Some of these practices include: 

  • Extraction - Removing water from the surface of flooring can help to eliminate the possibility of saturation and deterioration of these materials. While many homes place their water heaters around a concrete or tile flooring, the migration of water from the loss incident can quickly affect other sensitive materials. We utilize submersible pumps and wet vacuums to eliminate surface water quickly.
  • Drying - We have dozens of drying tools that can work to help manage damp conditions and saturated materials in the loss area. We use multiple tools to manage airflow, temperature, and humidity. Regulating these areas can make drying more efficient overall.
  • Moisture Detection Tools - Through both the discovery of moisture pockets beyond surface materials and checking the progress of drying processes, moisture detection tools play a vital role in the recovery of your home after a water heater tank breach.

While you cannot predict when or if a water heater will rupture, our SERVPRO of East Naples team is ready and waiting to help. We have skilled technicians and advanced equipment to get your home back to preloss condition. Give us a call today at (239) 352-8300. 

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