Fire Damage Photo Gallery

Scaffolding Leading up To Roof Damage

Tricky Situations

Fire Damage Restoration: Naples, FL.

Somtimes Damage happens in hard to get to places that needs special equipment, and special people for the job. At SERVPRO of East Naples we've got both.

home hallway with tile floor and three doorways


Fire Damage Restoration: Naples, FL.

Deodorization is something we provide as well and a very common service during fire damage restoration. Smoke, soot, nicotine, and other smoke generating substances leave an oily residue which needs to be cleaned first, then deodorization tactics such as fogging can be utilized.

Fire Damaged Roof and Trusses

Ceiling Fire

Fire Damage Restoration: Naples, FL.

At SERVPRO we pride ourselves on being able to restore just about any type of disaster scenario even in hard to reach areas like this scenario which meant cleaning the rafters and plywood.

exposed wood and metal rafters

Up in the Rafters

Fire Restoration: Naples, FL.

Our goal is to salvage as much as we can, and bring the property back into original shape. Salvaging property instead of replacing property is cost effective for the property owners as well as insurance companies. Customer service is our primary focus and no better form of customer service than saving individuals and companies we work with money!

male in white protective suit Wiping Soot Off Wood Surfaces

Fire Restoration

Fire Damage Restoration: Naples, FL.

Our Technicians are willing to do what ever it takes to get your property back to "Like it never even happened."

Ceiling Covered in Soot with Clean Circular Space

Ceiling Soot

Fire Restoration: Naples, FL.

The level of soot can actually be hard to see, until we begin the clean up process where the comparison truly shows through.