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Targeted Mold Remediation in Naples Fridge

This refrigerator in a Naples home had a severe need for mold removal. Since a broken fridge remains closed most of the time, the dark, humid environment creates the perfect area for mold spores to germinate and spread. SERVPRO techs are experts in all types of deep cleaning, including:

  • Handling black mold
  • Safe mold removal
  • Sanitizing cleaning

SERVPRO Mold Specialists Support the Local Naples Community

Because mold spores exist naturally both indoors or outdoors, it is impossible to perform 100% mold removal. However, the difference between harmless spores and the need for black mold damage repairs in a home or specific appliance is the amount of humidity that can sustain an infestation. As seen in the Before Photo, this refrigerator had several issues, including mold and dirt. The techs can:

Reasons for Needing Mold Remediation in a Naples Refrigerator

It is vital to get any mold growth happening in a fridge handled and neutralized before it causes potential health effects for the household. SERVPRO technicians know through their comprehensive training using IICRC training that mold can spread in two ways, through air and surface contact.

Different Mold Types Need Mold Inspection to Identify in Naples Properties

In the closed environment of a refrigerator, there are multiple organisms and bacteria, however, due to the cool temperatures, they are slow-growing, and some are inert. Visible mold growth on items such as hard cheeses or salami are foodstuffs that naturally produce mold, so if the overgrowth on the surface gets cut away, the food is safe to consume, and the mold does not spread. The real issue is with rotting foods such as produce or grains that have mold growth. This type of mold can spread readily through the air circulation system in the fridge and transfer to surfaces and uncovered foods inside.

Mechanical Issues Causing Mold Damage Remediation Needs in Naples

If the food is not ground zero, SERVPRO technicians can diagnose if there is an operational issue with the fridge. Numerous problems can create the perfect environment for mold colonies to thrive, such as elevated humidity levels, water line leaks, or a poor seal around the exterior doors. The technicians can recommend actions to stop the problem.

Cleaning Naples Appliances With Black Mold

There are special considerations for handling cases where the mold circulated throughout the ventilation system inside the appliance. The photo shows this fridge had not only mold but spilled liquids that had probable collections of bacteria. SERVPRO technicians have professional-grade biocide cleaning solutions and antimicrobial cleaners to neutralize all types of mold growth.

As seen in the After Photo, once the technicians finished the deep cleaning and mold remediation needed on this Naples fridge, there are zero traces of this appliance's previous sanitary issues. The thorough attention to detail by the SERVPRO techs and the refrigerator is ready for reuse by the homeowner to keep their food cold and mold-free.