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Homeowner Has Water Damage in Most of Marco Island Home from a Single Incident

After a pipe burst in the master bedroom ceiling, the water damage in this Marco Island home was extensive, with nearly 80% of the home requiring cleanup. SERVP... READ MORE

Bonita Springs Commercial Biohazard Cleanup Needs Fast Action

When sewage backed up into this Bonita Springs bathroom, it required commercial biohazard cleanup to remove it safely and restore the bathroom to sanitary level... READ MORE

A Thorough Mold Remediation in Naples

Once mold damage begins in a Naples home, it can continue to spread as long as the conditions remain in place. Unfortunately, it has the potential to destroy sh... READ MORE

Naples Bathroom Needs Extensive Mold Remediation

At first glance, this bathroom in Naples does not look like it might have mold damage. However, just below the surface under the tile, behind the tub and walls,... READ MORE

Fire Protection Causes Water Damage in Naples Attic

A sprinkler system is an excellent way to protect a Naples property, however, when one malfunctioned, it left a large amount of water damage in an attic. Becaus... READ MORE

Fire in new construction near Naples

Building a new home is a labor of love you pour over every decision along the way from the big things like layout and size to the small like kitchen cabinet pul... READ MORE

Fire damage in kitchen in Naples

Recently a fire occurred in a home due to a dishwasher failure in the Naples area. Fire inspectors believe the faulty wiring must have been growing worse for so... READ MORE

Roof Damage from Storm

Southwest Florida is known for its subtropical climates which can lead to heavy rainfall and in some instance’s hurricanes. Hurricanes can cause a lot of ... READ MORE

Auto Facility Garage Door Mold Growth

This before and after shows mold on the door of an auto facility garage. Mold can come on fast in the right conditions and spread like wild fire. When removing ... READ MORE

Category 3 Water Loss

SERVPRO of East Naples got a call from a local Real Estate office, they had a category 3 water loss in one of their bathrooms. We were quick to respond to the l... READ MORE