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Naples Home Gets 10 Rooms of Sewage-Tainted Water Damage

City workers repairing a Naples sanitary sewer system caused a backup into this home causing a total of ten rooms to take on contaminated water much of which wa... READ MORE

Mold Damage Needs Controlled Demo in Naples

One thing mold damage counts on is not getting noticed while the infestation spreads in a Naples home. After water damage occurred in this house, the wall cavit... READ MORE

Significant Controlled Demo Needed in Naples Water Damage

SERVPRO techs arrived at this Naples home with water damage caused by a sewage back up. A large amount of standing water was present on the floors and it had wi... READ MORE

Targeted Mold Remediation in Naples Fridge

This refrigerator in a Naples home had a severe need for mold removal. Since a broken fridge remains closed most of the time, the dark, humid environment create... READ MORE

Mold in the Attic Spreads Throughout Naples Home

People do not go up into their attics very often, which was the case in this Naples home where a small leak in the attic led to a mold damage problem. SERVPRO t... READ MORE

Water Damage Threatens Multiple Areas in a Naples Home

Even a small broken pipe in a Naples home can leave behind significant water damage throughout from the ceiling leak. SERVPRO technicians used their moisture de... READ MORE

SERVPRO Is the BioHazard Cleaning Company for Naples

Not all water damage problems in properties need only extraction and drying. As seen in the Before Photo, this public bathroom in Naples had a sewage backup tha... READ MORE

A Thorough Mold Remediation in Naples

Once mold damage begins in a Naples home, it can continue to spread as long as the conditions remain in place. Unfortunately, it has the potential to destroy sh... READ MORE

SERVPRO Handles Visible and Hidden Mold Remediation in Naples Homes

A homeowner knew they had a water damage problem but did not realize the mold damage's extent within their Naples property. Upon bringing in SERVPRO to scope th... READ MORE

Fire Protection Causes Water Damage in Naples Attic

A sprinkler system is an excellent way to protect a Naples property, however, when one malfunctioned, it left a large amount of water damage in an attic. Becaus... READ MORE