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Can SERVPRO Help with Common Water Damage Threats in Naples?

3/1/2021 (Permalink)

servpro vehicles at site Why do Naples homeowners rely on SERVPRO for water damage remediation? We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

Homes and businesses in Naples can rely on the fast response of our SERVPRO team in an emergency.

Water disasters are among the most common threats that homeowners face in the area, making our response toEast Naples properties critical in limiting the spread and severity of these situations. As fast as these scenarios can get out of control, our prompt deployment of emergency services water damage can help regulate and manage overwhelming conditions.

How Do Water Damage Threats Compromise Your Home?

Depending on the type of damage your home or business endures because of water and moisture exposure, the effect can vary. Often conditions do not have to reach a critical point when restoration professionals like our SERVPRO team respond quickly. Standing water after burst pipes or circumstances allowing crawlspace flooding can be among the most significant threats, requiring flood restoration.

Extraction and water removal services are among the emergency services water damage that we provide, allowing our team to remove pressing threats and identify where other restoration, repairs, and reconstruction might be necessary. Our experienced roster can help with:

  • Flood restoration
  • Ceiling leaks
  • Burst pipes
  • Water damage remediation
  • Emergency services water damage

When Aging Plumbing Causes Ceiling Leaks in Naples Homes

Many Naples homes still feature the original plumbing, often made of lead and copper pipes. Modern plumbing has begun to lean more on flexible and long-lasting plastic PEX options, but original materials are still common as well, with any homes built more than a decade ago. Over time, oxidation and other chemical processes can pit these pipes and leave weak spots where pressure fluctuations can exploit them.

Burst pipes and flooding can result from compromised connections and portions of plumbing, not to mention devastating situations like ceiling leaks that can permit water and moisture damage in high-traffic areas of your home and the development of mold and mildew. Correcting these conditions requires the fast response of our water damage remediation professionals and our general contractor license. Together, these elements can provide a comprehensive approach to flood restoration, recovery, and repair.

Can SERVPRO Rebuild After Pipe Bursts?

Pressure fluctuations like air hammers in water service lines can target weak connections or portions of pipe in your plumbing system and cause damages. Burst pipes are often among the most common of these and also among the most destructive that require flood restoration after home or crawlspace flooding. Emergency services water damage often seeks to remove the moisture and water as efficiently as possible, but our team must also acknowledge reconstruction and repair needs.

With a general contractor license, we can offer many services to help homeowners and business owners after a water disaster. When plumbing becomes damaged, our license ensures we can address both the water damage effects and the repairs necessary to restore this vital service in the building. Plumbing repairs and full-scale reconstruction capabilities allow us to be a one-stop-shop for restoration and recovery.

How Likely Are Appliances to Fail in Your Naples Home?

Appliances add convenience to everyday life but can also be one of the leading contributing causes to water damage events like room flooding or leaking ceilings that occur in homes and businesses. Tracking these potential problems can feel impossible, as many appliances do not often indicate when wear or problems exist. From broken seals to over-pressurization, a malfunction of water-fed devices can have destructive results. Tanks like a residential water heater can range from 40-80 gallons in capacity, causing enough pooling to substantially water damage exposed flooring, baseboards, and wall system materials. 

Servicing appliances annually, including inspections of your residential water heater, can reduce the possibility of unexpected water disasters. When these do occur, SERVPRO professionals on our team can respond quickly to help with flood restoration. Much like water pipe bursts, extraction and emergency services water damage is vital in these situations to manage and prevent irreparable harm to structural elements, contents, and occupants in the home.

What Are Signs Your Plumbing Fixtures Are Causing Water Damages?

Identifying potential water leaks from plumbing and fixtures of this service can be vital to know when water damage remediation is necessary. Beyond physically experiencing damp and moist areas of your home, there are other clear indicators that a problem might exist worth investigating. Persistent water leaks from fixtures and connections can damage structural and fixture elements like vanities, cabinetry, wall systems, and flooring. Some of the indicators that a plumbing leak might exist include lower water pressure, a larger water bill from your provider, an odor that you cannot identify, or inexplicable staining on wall and ceiling surfaces.

Once you know that a problem might exist, our SERVPRO professionals can work with moisture detection equipment like thermal imagery and hygrometers to begin searching for damp pockets and hidden moisture caches. Tracking the movement and placement of moisture allows most to limit controlled demolition required to access structural cavities and dry them appropriately.

How Is SERVPRO Ready to Help?

Preparedness is one of the greatest strengths of our SERVPRO team. We understand that every minute counts when water disasters occur, making it vital to mobilize fast in these situations to begin emergency services water damage. Efforts like extraction and water removal from materials like carpeting or hardwood care providers unnecessary reconstruction and repairs. Many rely on this fast response to get mitigation efforts started within the first few hours after notifying our staffed emergency line.

The experience of our professionals in this situation is also a selling point for choosing SERVPRO of East Naples. Not only do the majority of our restoration professionals have WRT certifications and direct training in water restoration services, but water damage remediation can also occur with additional endorsements and accreditations in related niches such as structural drying and microbial remediation.

We’re Faster To Any Size Disaster, and we can show you. Let our SERVPRO of East Naples team help you overcome water damages by calling (239) 842-7244.

Careful Mold Remediation is Critical

2/15/2021 (Permalink)

mold damaged property. Mold remediation should be left to the professionals. Call SERVPRO for their IICRC trained technicians, and latest technology for the job needed.

Mold remediation is an area SERVPRO excels in – call us first to your East Naples property!

Finding out that your East Naples home has a mold infestation can be a nightmare. Rather than taking the chance of disturbing it and making matters worse, hiring a skilled team for cleanup offers the best results. SERVPRO has the proven methods and workforce to ensure your interior is Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned. 

Why call our team for mold remediation in East Naples? We arrive on the scene and get to work locating the source of the problem. The next steps for the project usually go as follows:

  • The impacted zone gets quarantined with the help of plastic sheeting as containment barriers
  • HVAC systems get shut off to help stop the flow of air that carries mold spores throughout the structure
  • We might work to create a negative air chamber, which allows us to contain spores within barriers
  • HEPA vacuums, air scrubbers, and other equipment allows us to capture mold spores, filtering them from the air
  • Antimicrobial and antifungal treatments get applied to ensure a re-infestation does not occur
  • Any repairs needed to damaged areas get performed by trusted affiliates
  • All surfaces are thoroughly sanitized along with mold spore counts to ensure everything is safe for you and your family

SERVPRO of East Naples is the team to call at (239) 352-8300 when you need skilled technicians to assist with mold remediation. You can reach us all hours of the day for prompt, reliable service.

Water Mitigation is a Must for Full Restoration

2/8/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO equipment at work. Water mitigation is one of the specialties that SERVPRO is known for. Call them when you need water damage restoration services.

East Naples residents can count on SERVPRO for detailed, professional water mitigation.

Regardless of the underlying cause of water damage, it is essential to be focused and organized throughout each cleanup phase. SERVPRO comes to your East Naples home and forms a fluid plan for water mitigation, adjusting our methods as we go to achieve our drying goals. Whether the cause is a faulty appliance, a significant spill, or a broken pipe, we have skilled water restoration technicians (WRT) ready to handle the task.

Some signs could be telling you it is time to call someone for water mitigation in East Naples, such as:

  • Musty smells, which point to hidden moisture somewhere within your home.
  • Buckling or lifting of your floors. This can happen at the corners or coming from under a cabinet where water is leaking.
  • Discoloration or warping of cabinets in your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room.
  • Peeling wallpaper or paint tells you that your walls have been absorbing water from a hidden issue.
  • Staining on your ceiling may mean there is a potential drip or leak coming from above.

Water mitigation is an area where we thrive here at SERVPRO of East Naples, so give us a call first! You can reach us for emergency response 24 hours a day at (239) 352-8300. We’re Faster to Any Size Disaster!

Don’t Let Storm Damage Cleanup Overwhelm You

2/1/2021 (Permalink)

Storm damaged walls and flooring. Water extraction is no easy task. Call SERVPRO and get the professional job you are expecting from a restoration company.

SERVPRO is here for East Naples residents when dealing with flood damage after a devastating stormfront

Belonging to the Naples-Marco Island Metropolitan Statistical Area, the region of East Naples is an unincorporated community. Situated within Collier County in Florida, East Naples has been dubbed the area's county seat since 1962. During this time, the Collier County Courthouse got moved from the Everglades region. As of the time that the 2000 United States Census got taken, East Naples had a population of 25,000 people.

Due to the location, Naples and East Naples, Florida, are considered to be some of the best places to visit. This region within Southwestern Florida boasts a rich history, exciting ecology, and stunning culture. Whether you are looking to plan a vacation or thinking of putting down roots, there is a lot to love about East Naples and the surrounding area.

Diving into Some Interesting Facts About the East Naples Area

  • If you are a golf enthusiast, you will love that there are plenty of unique places to play a few rounds. Neighboring Naples, FL, has been called the Golf Capital of the World, and for good reason. Here, you will find the most golf holes in one location than in any other city within the United States.
  • Should you be looking to broaden your cultural horizons; there is an astounding number of art galleries in the Naples and East Naples area. Dubbed one of the best art regions in all of America, you will find roughly 100 or more art galleries in this region. 
  • The Artis-Naples area is known for being home to the Baker Museum of Art as well as the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra. Each of these has been able to put the Naples area on the map in terms of being a cultural destination. 

Dining and Watering Holes in Naples, Florida

Are you looking to grab a bite to eat with friends or a place to relax with a cold beverage? You will find plenty of amazing destinations to enjoy some local color, including:

  • Country House East – This is a café-style eatery featuring a broad selection of cuisine, including American favorites. A number one spot for breakfast and lunch/brunch, you will find everything from stacked sandwiches and loaded omelets to pot roast or baked macaroni and cheese.
  • Brooks Burgers – There is nothing quite like a perfect cheeseburger, and this place has a menu chock full of great burger offerings. You will have a complete listing of craft beers, brew on tap, and various sides to go with your burger choice. All of this includes a fun, friendly atmosphere.

Contact SERVPRO When Your East Naples Home Requires Flood Damage Cleanup After a Storm

Storms often bring significant wind and water damage, which means your East Naples home could be vulnerable. If you have issues, including standing water or structural damage, our skilled SERVPRO technicians can get the job done fast!

When you contact us for help with flood damage after an East Naples storm, we perform an assessment and begin pulling up as much liquid as we can with one or more of the following tools:

  • Powerful submersible pumps
  • Heavy-duty extraction tools
  • Wet vacuums

After extraction, we carefully inspect building materials and calculate just how much drying equipment is needed to restore relative humidity.

Call SERVPRO of East Naples at (239) 352-8300 if you need prompt, reliable help with flood damage after a storm.

Fire damage restoration in Golden Gate and Naples

1/22/2021 (Permalink)

Fire damage restoration services in Golden Gate Naples area - image of SERVPRO truck Go test your trivia skills about fire damage restoration at Bone Hook Brewing Company.

Do you have knowledge of fire damage restoration? Try some trivia on the subject! 

While your trivia team might be knowledgeable on fire damage restoration, when there is fire to your Golden Gate home, you need professional technicians like our SERVPRO of East Naples team to help. We have soot cleaning, deodorization, and debris removal services to make disasters “Like it never even happened.”

Those looking to test their trivia mettle against others from the area can take a trip down to the Bone Hook Brewing Company on Immokalee Road in Naples every Wednesday night. Bring your brainiest squad to compete for prizes every round. The top two teams of the night leave with a special reward. Think you have what it takes to come away with the top spot?

On January 27th, 2021, you and your family or friends can enter your team into the free competition starting at 7:30 PM. You can find out more information about trivia night by calling SERVPRO of East Naples at (239) 631-8522.

Efficient Water Cleanup for Naples Homes

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

Water damage restoration in Naples area Call 24/7 for your water damage issues in Naples Golden Gate properties. SERVPRO of East Naples

Water Damage Restoration in Naples, a thriving community.

When you consider the upscale living of many in Golden Gate in the Naples area you might not realize the scale that this community was initially meant to achieve. While having a substantial 24,000 residents, this total pales in comparison to the original projections of a city offering premium homes on large land lots to half a million. Despite a smaller size, the community continues to grow and thrive, bringing in many businesses with the town limits and providing a range of restaurants, cultures, and beliefs to central coastal Florida. With all of Collier County providing a home to more than 320,000 people, along with a steady flow of tourists and travelers, a fast response to water disasters is critical to preserving residences and high-rises along the coast.  

The Efficient Water Leak and Damage Cleanup Solutions  SERVPRO Provides  

Cleaning and drying up water leaks and damages can be critical to protecting some of the Naples Golden Gate community's high-end homes. As a part of the Greater Naples area, this region can often get reached within hours of the first notice of loss by our competent restoration professionals. With both water mitigation and cleanup needs that exist immediately in an emergency, the pace that technicians reach the home can impact structural elements and contents' salvageability.  

After water leaks or water damages, cleaning up involves removing standing water but hinges most considerably on eliminating moisture trapped in building materials and personal belongings. Saturation can lead to the deterioration of exposed elements, making drying a vital action as soon as our team first arrives. The foundational tools used in evaporative drying and moisture removal include air movers and dehumidifiers. Reducing tear-out and reconstruction means identifying any lingering moisture pockets before this water exposure and saturation becomes too overwhelming. Multiple devices can be beneficial in this assessment and evaluation of the property, including:

  • Water Damages
  • Cost of Water Damage Restoration
  • Water and Mold Damage Checks
  • Probing moisture detectors

Water damage cleanup in Golden Gate homes can be costly when any property owner waits longer than necessary to get restoration professionals involved. With layers of mitigative tasks possible to reduce out-of-pocket expenses and to prevent irreparable damage, we have talented technicians trained to make losses "Like it never even happened." With both Water Restoration Technicians (WRT) accredited through the Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) and a division of building contractors, our SERVPRO of East Naples team can help however you need when you call (239) 259-9119.

How Did the Dream of Golden Gate Begin? 

Much like many of the developments and projects of the mid 20th century, investors were sold a dream that they could not yet experience. Many potential homeowners and buyers were enticed to purchase newly drained marshland to get their stake in the 'City of the Future.' In truth, the 1960s would see many people buying property that was neither able to be developed nor had they seen, shrinking these 111,000 acres projected initially to little more than 4 square miles that it is today.

The Line Between the North and South

Despite the vision of becoming a haven for more than 500,000 residents, Golden Gate would only see a fraction of this potential with the development of the north portion with the bulk of the 24,000 total residents. As a densely populated portion of land with more than 6,000 occupants per square mile, the community can appear more alive and bustling.

The southern portion of the Golden Gate community, separated by Interstate 75, is home to much fewer people. Some of this region is still much wilder than the more developed counterpart to the north. Because of being underdeveloped beyond the initial projections, the area has become a living specimen towards groups like Save our Everglades looking to protect natural wildlife and scenery that has been threatened by construction.

Growing a Community from the Marshlands 

The northern portion of Golden Gate is growing and thriving over the years, from investors' earliest developments back in the 1960s through the more recent booms in population in the 1990s and first two decades of the new millennium. In direct response to the rising number of residents, businesses have found successes in both Golden Gate and the space between this community and nearby Naples. With more than 25 restaurants in the immediate area ranging from barbeque to Greek and Chinese, the cuisine represents the property owners' diversity.

A growing community needs specific amenities, and the municipal leaders have seen to these developments for the enrichment of the residents. From the Golden Gate Community Center with meeting rooms and a skate park to the Golden Gate Library on Lucerne, education and entertainment are also growing commodities for the town.

The Allures of Nearby Naples 

One of the attractive features of how Golden Gate is positioned, beyond its proximity to the Everglades, is nearby Naples. While the Golden Gate community is home to roughly 24,000, Naples is considered one of the anchor cities of Collier County despite only having a population of nearly 20,000. As the proclaimed 'Golf Capital of the World,' Naples features more than 80 championship-level golf courses and many attractions that can draw in visitors and those looking to find a place to settle down on the Gulf Coast.

Shopping plays a significant role in the Naples-Marco Island region's attractiveness, which has led to the development of multiple outlet malls and open-air markets. The most noteworthy of these being the Coastland Center or the Waterside Shops with upscale retail options like Louis Vuitton and Gucci. Tin City is a district of Naples specific to specialty retail experiences like handmade crafts or antiques.

Naples also features a renowned stretch of beach labeled as the best in the country by the Travel Channel in 2005. This ten-mile stretch of white sand beaches features multiple shops, condos, and other experiences that you can only find here, ranging from the businesses near the Naples Pier to the vast expanses of sand on Vanderbilt or Seagate Beach.SERVPRO of East Naples

Flood Damage can happen in Golden Gate at anytime.

1/12/2021 (Permalink)

SERVPRO for Flood Damage Restoration Go out and enjoy The Naples Uptown Art Festival. SERVPRO of East Naples flood damage restoration specialists support our arts community.

Your local SERVPRO is available 24/7 for flood damage in your area

Flood damage in Golden Gate homes is the farthest thing from a work of art, but our professional flood damage restoration technicians can help to make it “Like it never even happened.” Our SERVPRO of East Naples team can make your damaged house feel like home again with effective water extraction, restoration and cleaning. Give us a call today at (239) 259-9119.

Local artists and nationally accredited creators converge on the Naples Design District.

The city is known for its high-end shopping and favorable weather conditions, making it the perfect setting for The Naples Uptown Art Festival. The event is hosted by the United Arts Council and will occupy portions of 10th Street, featuring the premier retail locations, restaurants, and unique small businesses. The festival occupies the weekend of January 23-24, 2021, beginning at 10 AM each of these days.

Because of the desire for limited traffic, patrons of the festival are asked to reserve a time slot in advance through several different websites or sponsors. You can reach out to the United Arts Council to book your place to see the exhibits by calling SERVPRO of East Naples (239) 254-8242.

Mold Damage Starts Growing Within 24 to 48 Hours in Golden Gate

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation Specialists supporting the arts in Naples Don't let a mold issue make your business suffer. Call the professionals of SERVPRO for the mold remediation you need.

Mold Remediation the Golden Gate Community of East Naples

SERVPRO understands the challenges of keeping your Golden Gate business mold-free the Naples tropical climate, no matter what time of year it is. If you need help with mold remediation, call SERVPRO of East Naples at (239) 352-8300.

Come and See A Tropical Light Paradise In East Naples

One of the best parts of Christmas in tropical East Naples is that it is always warm enough to be out of doors. What better way to celebrate this beautiful area than with a stroll through Naples Botanical Garden to admire their seasonal night lights?

  • See the Botanical Garden’s vast selection of plants lit up by thousands of colored light bulbs.
  • Stop off at the Fogg Cafe for a seasonal treat, including signature festive cocktails.
  • Make your wish on the wishing tree.
  • Enjoy nightly performances from Naples artists, including the Naples Ballet and Opera Naples Youth Chorus.

With so much to see and hear, you will want to set aside a few hours to make the most of your time in the garden. Night Lights runs until January 3, and tickets start at $12 for members and $25 for non-members. SERVPRO of East Naples at (239) 352-8300

Water Damage & Flooding may occur when away from Your Golden Gate home

12/7/2020 (Permalink)

Flooded kitchens in Golden Gate Naples area Flooding or broken pipes can put a damper on your fun anytime. Call the SERVPRO team to restore your home after flood damages.

While you are out a flood could break out in your Golden Gate home.

Unfortunately, house flooding in Golden Gate does not stop for the festive season, including floods in the kitchen, overflowing water heaters and broken pipes. If you need help with water removal, call SERVPRO of East Naples at (239) 352-8300.

Build A Gingerbread House In Golden Gate and Win A Prize!

If you are looking for some festive fun in Golden Gate this December, take a trip to the Off The Hook Comedy Club in Naples for their gingerbread competition. Build and decorate a gingerbread house and pit your skills against the other contestants.

  • The admission price includes one gingerbread house kit.
  • Champagne and hot toddies will be available.
  • There might even be a cash prize!

Your host for the Sugar & Spice gingerbread contest is popular and energetic warm-up comedian RC Smith, so the evening promises to be full of fun and laughter.

Come along to the Off the Hook Comedy Club on December 8 to make your delicious gingerbread creation. Entry costs $25, and the contest kicks off at 7 PM. Plus, you get to take your gingerbread house home with you to enjoy as a festive snack. SERVPRO of East Naples at (239) 352-8300

Flood Damage May Happen in Golden Gate at anytime

12/1/2020 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Flood damage restoration team meeting Did you have flood damage in Golden Gate Naples area? Call the pros of SERVPRO to mitigate your flood damage needs.

SERVPRO Helps Golden Gate and Naples Residents With Flood Damage

The Golden Gate Naples area has seen its share of floods and storms. In September 1996, Hurricane Donna struck Naples, causing damage that many older residents still remember. An extensive cleanup operation followed, with many people in the community chipping in to help.

Thankfully, SERVPRO is on hand these days to help with flood damage and ensure swift remediation. We recommend calling us immediately, because the faster we arrive, the quicker we can get your home back, “Like it never even happened.”

The first step in flood damage remediation is assessing the type of water:

  • Clear water is completely clean and safe, such as water from a burst pipe or faucet.
  • Gray water might contain some contaminants and could be dangerous if swallowed, such as water from a broken dishwasher or refrigerator.
  • Blackwater poses a health risk and might contain microbes or raw waste, such as water from a sewage system or a burst river.

SERVPRO equips its teams with all the safety equipment necessary to handle any magnitude of flood. Our people come equipped with boots, overalls, long gloves, and breathing apparatus. Safety is our priority, which is why assessing the type of water comes first. We also assess potential slip, fall, or electrical hazards and mitigate them before we start work.

If you need help with flood damage, call SERVPRO of East Naples at (239) 352-8300.

Golden Gate and Naples Are Perfect Destinations For Anyone In Search Of A Little Luxury and Fresh Air

Naples is a famous Florida city. Its population of 19,539 means it is big enough to have tons of amenities, yet still small enough to explore easily. Naples was founded in the late nineteenth century, and its early settlers were impressed with the abundant fishing and warm climate. In fact, Naples got its name after a settler commented that it surpassed even Naples in Italy for its sunny weather.

As the city of Naples grew, it developed a reputation for luxury living. The area is home to multiple world-class golf courses, fine dining, plenty of tourist attractions, and long beaches of soft, white sand. It is this reputation for luxury that led to the building of exclusive gated communities like Riverstone. Riverstone is the ideal home for those who love the sporting lifestyle with its waterfall entrance, resort-style pools, sports complex, and clubhouse.

The area around Golden Gate is overflowing with amenities and places to get away from it all for both residents and visitors.

Golden Gate Is A Dream Destination For Eco Tourists

Golden Gate and its surroundings are ideal destinations for Eco-tourism, thanks to its proximity to several large and well-known nature reserves. You will forget you are even close to a city when you are in the middle of a reserve, admiring the beauty of nature. Some unmissable stops include:

  • The Everglades is one of the most well-known parks in the world. It forms a unique ecosystem that you cannot find anywhere else on earth, and it is also the largest tropical wilderness in the United States. It is one of only three locations globally to be listed as a World Heritage Site, a UNESCO site, and a Wetland of International Importance. The Everglades is home to a staggering array of creatures, including wading birds, panthers, crocodiles, manatees, and more than 300 fish species. Visitors can enjoy miles of trails, from long rambles to short and easy walks that include hardwood hammocks, wetlands, and pine stands. The Everglades also has stunning dark sky areas where you can see the night sky in all its glory.
  • Big Cypress National Preserve was the first area to become a national preserve when the United States National Park System was founded. Big Cypress is the Everglade’s next-door neighbor and offers twelve campsites for visitors who would like to stay awhile and enjoy exploring. The park is home to panthers and alligators, although these are very shy and unlikely to make an appearance. There are regular ranger-led swamp walks and boardwalk talks so visitors can learn more about this unique spot.
  • Ten Thousand Islands National Wildlife Refuge is located in the unique Ten Thousand Islands area of islands and mangrove islets. The park protects a large expansive of mangrove forests and many other exotic plants, birds, and animals, including dolphins and otters. As well as camping and walking, visitors can take part in hunting, fishing, and kayaking.

Leisure Activities For Everyone

Beautiful Eco-reserves are not the only attraction the Riverstone area has to offer. There is a wide variety of fun things to see and do, including: two 

  • Waterside Shops, where you will find all manner of luxury goods and stores, including Saks Fifth Avenue, Gucci, and Louis Vuitton, and Nordstrom. The mall features a unique open-air layout beside a calming pool so that you can shop in luxury!
  • Palm Cottage, a historic home owned and managed by the Naples Historical Society. The house was built in 1895 and is the oldest home in Naples. The Society restored it to an authentic early 1900s state, so visitors can see how Naples people lived at the turn of the century.
  • Vino’s Picasso is fun for children and parents alike. Unleash your inner creativity with personal instruction from an experienced artist, and create your masterpiece to take home.
  • Fifth Avenue South is one of the most stylish streets in Naples. Stroll the avenue and enjoy the wealth of luxury dining and shopping on offer.
  • Heritage Trail Museum is a free hidden gem! See historical artifacts and vintage photographs of the area, and learn about the history of Naples. The museum is also conveniently located for a segway or trolley tour of historical Naples.

While you are exploring Naples, ensure you make time for a game of pickleball. This paddleball sport was invented in 1965, but it has become trendy across the country. Players use a solid paddle to hit a pickleball (which is similar to a whiffle ball) over a net. The game combines tennis, table tennis, and badminton elements and is suitable for players of all abilities. Pickleball is good fun for all the family, and the city around Riverford boasts a high number of pickleball courts, so grab a bat and rally the family for a game!