Recent Water Damage Before & After Photos

Naples Home Gets 10 Rooms of Sewage-Tainted Water Damage

City workers repairing a Naples sanitary sewer system caused a backup into this home causing a total of ten rooms to take on contaminated water much of which wa... READ MORE

Water Damage Threatens Multiple Areas in a Naples Home

Even a small broken pipe in a Naples home can leave behind significant water damage throughout from the ceiling leak. SERVPRO technicians used their moisture de... READ MORE

Fire Protection Causes Water Damage in Naples Attic

A sprinkler system is an excellent way to protect a Naples property, however, when one malfunctioned, it left a large amount of water damage in an attic. Becaus... READ MORE

What To Do When Your Home or Business Floods

Have you ever wondered what you should do in case you come to your Naples home or to your work and there is a flood? Turn off all power to rooms that are affect... READ MORE

Water Damage in Kitchen

Water damage can be as minor as water spots, rotting wood, rusting steel, delamination of plywood; and can be as catastrophic as losing your entire home. Howeve... READ MORE

Bathroom Water Loss

Bathrooms are common areas that suffer water losses. With the amount of plumbing and water sources in bathrooms there is always a risk of something going wrong.... READ MORE

Outdoor Maintenance

Outdoor maintenance is a crucial part of home maintenance, especially here in South Florida during our Summer. We live in a very tropical climate which brings a... READ MORE

Outdoor Pool Maintenance

In South Florida with the amount of rain we receive during our tropical summers there is no way around having to maintain our properties on a regular basis to a... READ MORE

Water Leads to Mold

Mold shows up in many places but mostly because of one problem, Water Damage. Water damage to most people makes them think of the catastrophes. Huge storms, bro... READ MORE