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Enjoy A Magical Lit Up Garden In East Naples This Winter

12/14/2020 (Permalink)

Several stars with Christmas lights attached. Don't let a mold issue make your business suffer. Call the professionals of SERVPRO for the mold remediation you need.

Come and See A Tropical Light Paradise In East Naples

One of the best parts of Christmas in tropical East Naples is that it is always warm enough to be out of doors. What better way to celebrate this beautiful area than with a stroll through Naples Botanical Garden to admire their seasonal night lights?

  • See the Botanical Garden’s vast selection of plants lit up by thousands of colored light bulbs.
  • Stop off at the Fogg Cafe for a seasonal treat, including signature festive cocktails.
  • Make your wish on the wishing tree.
  • Enjoy nightly performances from Naples artists, including the Naples Ballet and Opera Naples Youth Chorus.

With so much to see and hear, you will want to set aside a few hours to make the most of your time in the garden. Night Lights runs until January 3, and tickets start at $12 for members and $25 for non-members.

SERVPRO understands the challenges of keeping your business mold-free in a tropical climate, no matter what time of year it is. If you need help with mold remediation, call SERVPRO of East Naples at (239) 352-8300.

SERVPRO of East Naples Serves Local Commerce with Fast Cleanup

11/8/2020 (Permalink)

drying equipment Call the experts at SERVPRO when your commercial property is damaged.

Naples Businesses are Returned to a Sanitary Condition by SERVPRO When They Call (239) 352-8300

The Naples community is a thriving network of medical firms, beach resorts, technology firms, education systems, and many more industries. Many major corporations have offices in the Naples, Florida, area, such as:

    •    Apple
    •    Bank of America
    •    Ritz-Carlton
    •    Marriott International
    •    Best Buy

Naples is most well known to visitors for its wealth of resorts and recreation options, including the Naples Botanical Garden on Bayshore Drive. These gardens are located on a 100-acre natural reserve. Guided tours of the grounds are offered from November through April each year.

For visitors and locals who are in the mood to enjoy coastal waters, the Naples Pier extends hundreds of feet into the Gulf of Mexico with a clear, unobstructed view of the horizon, which is perfect for watching the sunrise or sunset. The pier can be found along 12th Avenue. Fishing opportunities abound along the dock, as the waters contain a variety of game fish species.

Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary is a natural marvel with over 10,000 acres to explore. While the sanctuary is about an hour away from the city proper, it is one of the best-preserved natural wonders along the Paradise Coast. Flora and fauna enthusiasts alike have a wealth of opportunities for photography, birdwatching, plein air painting, and many other hobbies.

The History of Naples, Florida
While Naples was initially developed in the 1880s for a winter resort evocative of its Italian namesake, the area’s history starts with indigenous Americans settling the land as far back as 10,000 years ago, with the most notable tribal presence being the Calusa people, whose lands were purported to extend from Tampa Bay to Lake Okeechobee.

Spanish explorer Juan Ponce de Leon, who would later become the first governor of Puerto Rico, came across this coastal territory in the early 16th century. After an extensive conflict, much of the Calusa territory was lost.

In the 18th century, the Seminole tribes, which included Creek Indians, refugees of various backgrounds, and escaped African slaves, settled in the region. However, this settlement led to many conflicts and a long-running standoff with European settlers that eventually led the Seminole people to move into the Everglades. Big Cypress Swamp proved to be another reliable refuge for the Seminole.

The southwestern coast of Florida would not see new settlement efforts for almost another century. After the American Civil War, farmers moved south to establish themselves on new land as pioneers.

These early settlers’ livelihoods depended on the following:

    •    Fishing, hunting, and trapping
    •    Trading otter furs, exotic bird plumes, and alligator hides
    •    Farming and making charcoal
    •    Digging for clams

Mere decades later, the Naples Town Improvement Company formally established the resort town as a getaway for sportsmen, particularly those from up north. This effort began with investment and exploration efforts spearheaded by Democratic Kentucky Senator General John S. Williams and Walter Haldeman. Later, in the 1920s, Collier County was created, with much of the local wealth generated by the efforts of Tennessee millionaire Barron Gift Collier.

Hospitality in Naples
Naples got its start as a hotel and resort town and still has plenty to offer in hospitality and recreation to this day. Resorts in and near this portion of the Paradise Coast include:

    •    The Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club
    •    Bellasera Resort
    •    Charter Club Resort of Naples Bay by Diamond Resorts
    •    Edgewater Beach Hotel
    •    The Ritz-Carlton Golf Resort

In observation of current public safety measures, Naples’ resorts have implemented such measures as installing hand sanitizing stations, frequent sanitation with particular attention paid to high traffic areas and touchpoints, and mandatory face masks for staff. Like the Noble House LaPlaya Beach and Golf Resort, some resorts have additional safety measures like the marking of social distancing guidelines in public areas for ease of adherence.

Contactless check-in and check-out are other safety features that allow guests to enjoy their stay as safe as possible. High-temperature washes kill bacteria in tandem with EPA-registered sanitizers. Some resorts implement a 24-hour minimum vacancy period between reservations to maximize safety during and after sanitation. Employees also undergo regular temperature checks and provide individually-wrapped toiletries for guest rooms.

Can SERVPRO’s Cleanup Methods Curb Water Damage Odors?
Water damage and odors go hand in hand in many cases. Worse still, the odors and staining characteristic of water damage can indicate mold growth that can quickly become a safety concern. SERVPRO’s empirical cleanup and measuring processes are crucial to performing water restoration for Naples businesses.

    •    SERVPRO’s moisture measurement tools include imaging technologies that can see inside and behind structures to detect moisture and sensors precisely calibrated for affected surfaces
    •    Accurate and comprehensive calculation of humidity and drying goals ensures that cleanup and restoration is performed to code
    •    Water extraction accelerates the drying process significantly and is hundreds of times faster than relying solely on air movers and dehumidifiers
    •    EPA-registered, OSHA-approved biocides, many of which are proprietary SERVPRO cleaners, can cut through odors and return a commercial facility to its preloss state
    •    Odor control technicians (OCTs) can use a variety of methods to address odors, including directly injecting affected carpeting and ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging for large spaces affected by water damage

SERVPRO OCTs receive extensive training and certification in Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) standards and guidelines to ensure that commercial facility odor control is performed to a consistently high standard with industrial-grade tools. 24/7 service and fast response times ensure that businesses can be returned to a preloss condition last at night, on weekends, and during holidays.

SERVPRO of East Naples provides commercial cleanup that is Faster to Any Size Disaster. Business owners in need can call (239) 352-8300 for IICRC-certified mitigation and restoration services.

How Do Businesses Deal with Mold Growth?

10/27/2020 (Permalink)

"Mold" SERVPRO professionals are trained to handle every level of mold damage, Including the odors that come with it. Call us today, we are always available.

Use a Commercial Mold Damage Remediation Service for your Riverstone Business. SERVPRO is an Expert at Containing, Controlling, and Remediating Mold Growth for Local Companies.

Why does mold appear in commercial buildings?

The key to mold growth is moisture. Riverstone businesses may often have high plumbing usage and a high amount of stress on an internal plumbing system. Sometimes, these stresses can lead to moisture leaks, which, in turn, form the basis for a mold infestation. Odors and mycotoxins that some molds produce can be unpleasant for workers, management, and customers. An uncontrolled microbial outbreak could result in extensive demolition and replacement of carpets, walls, furniture, or fittings. SERVPRO helps local businesses to avoid unnecessary interruption by providing accountable and expert mold guidance. Our technicians remediate these issues according to the environmental protection agency (EPA) standards to ensure your workplace remains safe and sanitary. 

What are the guidelines and standards for company properties with mold growth?

  • The EPA produces a set of guidelines for schools or commercial spaces to provide advice to property managers.
  • The Institute of Inspection, Cleanin, and Restoration Certifications (IICRC) issues the S520 guide for indoor air quality and mold remediation.
  • Commercial property managers often enlist an indoor environmental professional (IEP) and/ or an industrial hygienist (IH) to develop remediation protocol and declare the property safe.

How do mold remediators work with IEPs or Industrial Hygienists?

It is an excellent idea to enlist scientific professionals when remediating commercial mold damage in your Riverstone business. As a commercial property, you must provide a safe environment for staff or customers. IEPs can work with SERVPRO technicians to produce a strategy for containing and safely removing molds from a property. An industrial hygienist can often inspect the property at the end of service to ensure that indoor air-quality returns to a sanitary level and the property is safe to resume business. Our technicians and crew chiefs have extensive experience working under the guidance of environmental specialists. 

How do mold remediators exact mold from a commercial property?

  • Mold remediators use professional training and qualifications to apply the guidelines and standards set by the EPA.
  • Technicians can set up quarantines for property areas where microbial spores could spread or cause further harm.
  • Crew chiefs can keep property managers and staff informed of the necessary protocols to ensure that remediation is controlled. 

If you notice signs of mold in your business, it could be indicative of a larger issue. Contact SERVPRO of East Naples at (239) 352-8300.

Who Can I Call for Restaurant Kitchen Fire Damage Restoration in Vineyards?

9/6/2020 (Permalink)

burned office room with desk in the middle Fire damage on your commercial property can be confusing to deal with. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation and mitigation services.

IICRC-Accredited Restoration Technicians from SERVPRO Can Render Commercial Fire Damage Mitigation in Vineyards to Code

Restaurant fires are among the most common disasters that occur on this type of Vineyards commercial property. National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) data indicates that there are an average of 8,240 restaurant fires each year that cause a whopping $245 million in property damage for business owners. An estimated two-fifths of these fires begin in the kitchen, and of those, 20% come from a stove.

SERVPRO preserves Vineyards businesses that need commercial fire damage cleanup and restoration. This experienced disaster mitigation crew receives extensive training and licensure to perform the services necessary to return your business to a preloss state.

What Causes Restaurant Kitchen Fires?

Whether you operate a large franchise eatery or a small diner, Vineyards business owners should be made aware of the common causes of restaurant fires, which include the following:

  • Electrical systems. Faulty or damaged wiring is sufficient enough to spark a fire anywhere in your business, including the kitchen. Short-circuiting is another concern, depending on the electrical capacity of your facilities. Have your wiring inspected by an electrician regularly to prevent electrical fire risks.
  • Ventilation and exhaust systems. Ductwork, range hoods, and exhaust fans located behind cooking equipment can quickly exacerbate fire damage due to potential grease buildup and the extraction of flammable vapors during cooking and other tasks. Keep these fixtures clean and free of fire hazards to minimize your fire risk.
  • Gas leaks. These types of fires are among the most devastating in terms of scope and potential property loss. Gas fires tend to occur when the equipment in your restaurant is no longer able to support the gas flow necessary for safe operations. However, gas leaks can typically be identified quickly by their distinct odor.
  • Oil and grease traps. Both cooking oils and animal fats burn at high temperatures. According to the NFPA, food products, including cooking oils and animal fats, were among the first items to ignite in a whopping 43% of restaurant fires. Keep grease traps clean and emptied. For a high-volume kitchen, this cleanup should be undertaken quarterly. For smaller restaurants, this can be done twice a year.
  • Cooking. The most evident cause of kitchen fires comes from day-to-day cooking. However, in a commercial setting, these fires can be quickly suppressed with a variety of commercial-grade solutions, such as Type K extinguishers.

What Does Business Insurance Typically Cover After a Fire?

Business insurance is a must for high-risk establishments like restaurants. As a result, fire insurance is a regular part of commercial Vineyards property coverage.

What considerations should Crossville restaurant owners take into account with their policies?

  • Fire coverage that addresses fire suppression. Whether a small fire necessitates the use of an extinguisher or a large fire requires the local fire department to intervene, the resulting residues and water damage need extensive cleanup to return your business to a preloss state. Many commercial policies cover fire suppression damages as well as some coverage for fire department services.
  • Know what property is covered by your policy. Not all items are covered under your policy. Belongings and vehicles located outside of the building, for example, are typically not covered. Some concerns, like electrical disturbances that can make you lose sensitive data or records essential to the operation of your business, can be added to your policy for an additional premium or under a separate form.
  • Know the actual cash value (ACV) of your property. This value is what determines how much the insurance company pays. Simply put, it is the replacement cost of your belongings minus the accumulated depreciation. If the damages exceed the ACV, you may have to pay the rest out of pocket. However, you can add replacement cost coverage to your policy to cover costs more thoroughly than ACV and avoid extensive out-of-pocket repair and replacement expenses.

SERVPRO works with both you and your insurance adjuster to ensure that you receive the services you need per your insurance policy.

What are the Key Components of SERVPRO’s Fire Damage Cleanup Process?

Certified SERVPRO technicians take these four qualities into account while preparing your commercial property for restoration:

  • Agitation with towels, brushes, abrasion cleaners, ultrasonic machines, and other forms of dislodging soils and distributing OSHA-approved sanitation products.
  • Temperature monitoring, which is essential for determining the speed and efficacy of specific cleaning solutions.
  • Chemical reactions are crucial to dislodging soils, removing stains, adjusting pH levels, and deodorizing porous and nonporous surfaces while minimizing the need for replacement of property.
  • The dwell time required for your cleanup needs depends on the surfaces that require cleaning as well as the cleaning methods being employed.

SERVPRO of East Naples provides mitigation that ensures that your business looks, “Like it never even happened.” When disaster strikes on your commercial property, call (239) 352-8300.

My Vineyards Daycare Has Mold – What Can Be Done?

8/23/2020 (Permalink)

mold growing in the corner of a room Mold damage can slow your business and be an overall nuisance. Contact SERVPRO for professional remediation and mitigation services.

SERVPRO Technicians Can Provide Professional Mold Remediation

Like any city across American Vineyards is home to working parents. These parents count on daycares to provide quality care when it comes to their children. Mold can turn parents away and cause downtime for you, meaning a loss of revenue.

Can My Play Equipment Be Cleaned?

You are cleaning your daycare at the end of the day. Putting toys away, prepping for tomorrow, and swapping out play equipment. When you take the slides and outside toys into the storage area, you notice a water leak. Not only do you have a minor leak, but mold has developed on the large playthings in the room. Your customers rely on you to provide a safe environment. That means you need professional commercial mold damage cleanup in Vineyards

Most play equipment like slides and jungle gyms are plastic and metal. If the damage is not too extensive, these items can be cleaned. We use:

  • HEPA vacuums get used if the item is dry.
  • Damp wiping gets used if there is soil buildup.

It is essential to get professional help in dealing with mold damage. If it is left to spread, mold can damage walls, floors, and content. Mold can cause health effects. Neither is something you want to happen, especially when it involves children. 

Getting Rid of Mold Damage

Our Applied Microbial Remediation Technicians (AMRT) are certified in mold remediation and water damage restoration. They look for the source of the moisture and provide whatever remediation steps are needed. Antimicrobials and antifungal agents get used to disinfect the impacted areas and content. Sealants can be used to prevent the mold from returning.

SERVPRO can provide expert mold remediation so your daycare is clean and ready for all those kids. Let us help you get back to what you do best – keeping kids and parents happy. Contact SERVPRO of East Naples at (239) 352-8300 for expert mold damage service.

Click here for more information about Vineyards.

How Can We Deodorize Ventilation Ducts During Fire Damage Restoration?

8/7/2020 (Permalink)

industrial duct cleaned, stainless steel For Fire and Smoke Cleanup and Odor Control in Vineyard Commercial Interiors and Ductwork Systems--Why SERVPRO Is the Solution--Done Right and Fast!

Vineyards Businesses Should Smell Clean After Fire Damage Remediation

Vineyards business owners know the importance of suitable, clean, safe premises. Decent workspaces create a safer environment for employees and show the company in a professional light.

Fire damage is terrible news in Vineyards. Businesses can find themselves out of pocket and unable to open for several weeks. One primary concern for local business owners is how to deodorize their property after a fire. It is not pleasant for employees to work in an office or warehouse that still smells smoky.

Why are smoke smells so hard to remove?

Anyone who has dealt with the aftermath of fire knows that the smoky scent lingers. There are several reasons for this:

  • Smoke particles are small and can penetrate materials
  • Smoke particles can travel a fair distance from the source of fire
  • Soot bonds with some surfaces which makes it hard to shift the smell

Where might smoke odors linger?

The aroma of smoke can linger for a long time after a fire, especially in hard to reach or easily forgotten areas such as:

  • In the corners of a room
  • In the attic or crawl space
  • Inside ventilation ducts

How does SERVPRO deodorize ventilation ducts?

Smoke particles and, therefore, odors can quickly settle in ventilation ducts and air handling systems. One way SERVPRO handles this problem is with the use of ULV (ultra-low volume) fogging.

A ULV mister atomizes liquid deodorizing agents into a fine mist. This fine mist is particularly suitable for fogging large areas (because the agent lingers in the air, thus removing odors) and the hard-to-reach regions like ventilation shafts. We can also use air movers to keep the particles in the air longer and extend the deodorizing effect.

Because the ULV mister produces particles as small as 20 – 60 microns, it is easy for them to penetrate materials and surfaces and deodorize them.

ULV foggers are light and easy to carry, which makes them an ideal choice for small spaces. Our technicians can also add a sealing agent to the fogger, to seal up ducts and prevent leftover soot particles re-entering.

For help with commercial fire damage cleanup, give SERVPRO of East Naples a call at (239) 352-8300.

Commercial Cleanup and Restoration Services in Naples

2/19/2020 (Permalink)

Water is flooding the floor of a commercial building. Commercial damage cleanup and restoration in Island Walk “Like it never even happened.”

Did you know that according to the Insurance Information Institute, catastrophe losses along the coast are likely to double every ten years or so due to development? Damage to your commercial property or business can occur at any time. Storms and fires and even faulty appliances, broken pipes, equipment failure can cause damage. It is important to take care of these emergencies quickly as the longer your business in closed, the lower your profits will be. SERVPRO® of East Naples wants commercial property owners of Island Walk to know that we can respond quickly to any damage, large or small. Here are some of the services we provide:

  • Water damage cleanup and restoration
  • Mold remediation and mitigation services
  • Sewage cleanup
  • Storm damage
  • Building services
  • Commercial water damage cleanup and restoration
  • Fire damage cleanup and restoration
  • Carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Odor removal
  • Biohazard removal
  • Disaster Recovery Team

If you find yourself dealing with the aftermath of commercial damage, SERVPRO of East Naples wants to help. We are available 24 hours a day and our highly trained technicians have the specialized equipment necessary to safely clean and restore water damage for Island Walk business owners. Call us today at 239-352-8300 to find out about our cleanup and restoration services. We’ll take care of your water damage “Like it never even happened.”

SERVPRO of East Naples is independently owned and operated.

Protect your Naples Property by Boarding Up

1/1/2020 (Permalink)

Commercial building covered with boards to prevent water damage or storm damage. Boarding up your Naples property can help keep more damage from happening after a storm or vandalism strikes.

SERVPRO of East Naples is aware of the horrific damage a storm or hurricane can leave in its wake. Boarding up before or after a storm hits in Naples will be beneficial to you and your property.

Unfortunately, during a storm, it is common for windows and doors to break leaving your house or office building susceptible to unwanted guests such as dogs, raccoons, cats, etc. These animals will continue tearing up what is already destroyed along with urinating and defecating, leaving unwanted odors. Boarding up can also help to deter people who might want to take advantage of your disaster by stealing or vandalizing your structure.

Here are a few of the letters you will find on a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) map when facing storms:

  • D = Tropical Depression (wind speed less than 30 MPH)
  • S = Tropical Storm (wind speed between 39 MPH and 73 MPH)
  • H = Hurricane (wind speed between 74 MPH and 110 MPH)
  • M = Major Hurricane (wind speed greater than 110 MPH) 

It is better to be prepared next time winds of this magnitude strike our homes and offices. These tips will help you avoid disaster if possible,  but in the event you experience wind damage to your Naples property, please call the professionals at SERVPRO of East Naples at 239-352-8300.


Tips for Staying Safe in Naples During a Storm

1/1/2020 (Permalink)

Lightning hitting a tall office building in Naples, Florida. Stay away from windows during a lightning storm in Naples.

Common safety rules and precautions state that the public should generally try to stay inside of a safe area or building when a lightning storm or thunderstorm occurs. There are many commercial buildings in the Naples area. SERVPRO® of East Naples wants to share the following safety tips for staying safe during a thunderstorm while inside a commercial building:

  • Stay away from all windows or glass walls, especially during a lightning storm
  • Unplug appliances if possible
  • Pay attention to all alerts and warnings, as a thunderstorm can develop into a tornado if powerful enough
  • Avoid running water if possible since electricity can travel through plumbing

Weather is unpredictable. Although the weather can be predicted, it can also change in an instant without much warning. If a thunderstorm does happen to turn into tornado weather in Naples, consider the following tips:

  • If the commercial building has a basement or storm cellar, head there immediately
  • Use your arms to protect your head and neck in the event of flying debris or shattered windows
  • Do not leave the safe area until the local alerting system says it is safe to do so

Remember, SERVPRO of East Naples is here to help. Our trained team members will show up ready to go and can assist in cleanup and restoration after a thunderstorm, lightning storm and even a tornado.

Independently owned and operated by SERVPRO of East Naples.


Make sure your Emergency Kit is Stocked and Ready to Go in Island Walk

10/11/2019 (Permalink)

Drone holding an emergency kit. Have your emergency kit prepared for your home or business in Island Walk.

SERVPRO® of East Naples is no stranger to storms, water damage, etc. Our trained professionals know natural disasters cannot be avoided and when they do strike, we want to help others be prepared, which is why we want to remind everyone in Island Walk to have their emergency kits stocked and ready to go.

Here are some items that could be included in an emergency kit:

  • Whistle
  • Alcohol pads
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Battery-powered radio and batteries
  • BandAids
  • Flashlight

If you have a pet, you may want to consider including things your pet would need such as food, a spare leash or collar, a blanket and even a toy. Island Walk more than likely has tech-savvy people who could probably call for help if needed, but it is important to be prepared for when technology fails, especially when water is involved. If you experience a flood in any way in a residential area/dorm or commercial building, make sure to stay out of the water because electricity from technology devices can travel through water.  When disaster happens, it’s great to be prepared with your emergency kit.

SERVPRO of East Naples is independently owned and operated.


OSHA Guidelines for Fire Extinguisher Usage in Heritage Bay

10/10/2019 (Permalink)

The letters OSHA written on a paper on a clipboard. The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires that employers train their employees how and when to use fire extinguishers.

SERVPRO® of East Naples knows that understanding the proper use of fire extinguishers can help prevent fire from destroying lives in Heritage Bay. Just having a fire extinguisher nearby is not enough.

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) requires that employers train their employees how and when to use fire extinguishers. They must provide the training shortly after the employee is hired, and then every year thereafter. OSHA also requires monthly inspections for fire extinguishers. OSHA does not allow untrained employees to use a fire extinguisher.

Fire extinguishers have to be placed where they cannot be moved or damaged. The carrying handle should be 3-1/2 to 5 feet above the floor.

Employees must know when to use fire extinguishers.

SERVPRO of East Naples suggests asking yourself these questions regarding fire extinguishers in your Heritage Bay business: 

  • Can everyone get out?
  • Is the fire extinguisher easy to reach?
  • Do I know how to use it?
  • Is the fire contained in a small area?
  • Do I have an escape route?
  • Have I pulled the fire alarm?

If you can answer “yes” to all of the questions, it is reasonable to use the fire extinguisher.

SERVPRO of East Naples reminds you that fire is fast. If you cannot contain it within 30 seconds, get everyone out of the area. Call 911 once you are outside.

SERVPRO of East Naples is independently owned and operated.


Stats on Businesses Reopening After a Disaster in Quail Creek

9/27/2019 (Permalink)

The letters FEMA on an official U.S. Department of Homeland Security Form laid on an American Flag. Knowing some causes of how some commercial fires begin can help you avoid disaster.

SERVPRO of East Naples hopes you never experience the devastation that comes with dealing with fire damage. According to the Federal Emergency Management Association (FEMA) over 40% of businesses do not reopen after a disaster such as a storm damage, fire damage, water damage, or other disruption. Of those that do reopen, it is estimated that only 29% of those remain open after two years.

SERVPRO of East Naples wants you to be aware of some causes of fire damage and fire injuries so that you can help prevent them.

Some Causes of Commercial Fires in Quail Creek area are:

  • Kitchen fires
  • Equipment: Almost 38% of business fires start from faulty equipment or from mis-used equipment. Some materials can catch fire or explode when exposed to heat
  • Carelessness: Remember to cover light bulbs, turn off equipment at the end of the day, and to replace frayed cords

SERVPRO of East Naples wants you to remember that the best way to fight fire damage or smoke damage is prevention in Quail Creek.


Keep Your Vineyards Home or Office Equipped for Fire

9/19/2019 (Permalink)

Fire extinguisher in home or office hallway. All homes and offices in the Vineyards Country Club area should have a fire extinguisher within easy reach.

Office fires in the Vineyards Country Club area may be more common than you think. Kitchen or a break-room appliance such as a coffee maker, microwave and/or refrigerator, etc. can have faulty wiring and catch fire. Break-rooms and kitchens both should have a fire extinguisher in an easy to access location. SERVPRO® of East Naples wants to remind you that fires can start as easily as turning on one of these appliances. Your home or workplace should consider having a training session on how to use fire extinguishers. If someone in your home or business has not done that, please look into setting up a training session. Local fire departments are usually happy to assist with this training, and they can provide some real-life examples of ways to practice fire safety.

If your home or break room (or any other area of your home or office building) catches fire, you will likely have smoke damage as well as damage from the fire. That is where SERVPRO of East Naples comes in. We proudly service the Vineyards Country Club area and are here to clean up the damage and make your building look new again. We are open 24/7 and we show up prepared for any size disaster, whether it is from fire damage, water damage, or even storm damage. Please do not hesitate to call us if you need our services.

SERVPRO of East Naples is independently owned and operated.