Storm Damage Photo Gallery

Work Van Full Of Storm Damaged Debris

Storm Damage Cleanup

Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration: Naples, FL.

Unfortunately there are times when disaster does get the best of us, and whether it is helping with equipment or helping remove damaged materials, we are simply here to help in any way we can. A typical scenario during large storms is to set equipment to begin the drying process, removing any debris that is unsalvageable, and hopefully in a short amount of time get the property ready to be fixed up back into its original condition.

Equipment Delivery

Extra Supplies

Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration: Naples, FL.

During Hurricane Season here in Naples, FL. there are times when extra supplies are necessary. We don't ever want to be in a situation where there are many people in need and we do not have the equipment to help out. We always take an inventory and purchase as much equipment as possible just to be prepared. We also have incredible corporate support through our designated Storm Teams.

Man Organizing A Work Van For Storm Preparation

Tied Down & Ready to Go!

Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration: Naples, FL.

One last check to make sure everything is tied down and ready to go. When we get the call no matter the time or location we can't have any delays. Especially during big storm events which seem to be happening more frequently, so we always have to be ready!

male Loading equipment into the Work Van

Loading Up

Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration: Naples, FL.

Having the emergency vehicles properly stocked and ready to go at the drop of the dime is just a part of being an emergency response team. Emergencies come in all shapes and sizes, and as we all know here in East Naples, FL. our largest and most common threats are hurricanes.

Cleaning Supplies on wire shelving

Cleaning Supplies

Storm Damage: Naples, FL.

Having the work vans stocked with the proper cleaning supplies is crucial for storm preparation. Sometimes when we get to water losses that have taken on wind blown water or ocean, lake, river flooding we have to be prepared to clean up very unsanitary (Cat 3) conditions.

man counting inventory in warehouse


Storm Damage Cleanup & Restoration: Naples, FL.

Storm preparation begins with knowing what we are capable of. Taking an inventory of your equipment and making sure they are all in working order will save a lot of headaches when chaos hits.